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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Springtime pelagic zander

Last weekends fishing was totally amazing. First fish out was also Patric's new personal best, I mean his "first" personal best of this weekend… This magnificent zander, 8,8kg 95cm, struck a Lunker City Slug-Go 7,5" Smelt color in the last light of the day.

Next fish out was one that I will not forget. I started this morning by loosing a good fish at the boat side. Totally broken, I didn't know if there was going to be another fish for me. But some hours later when the sun started to rise and the wind was increasing, this giant decided to strike just below the boat on a rods length of line! A new personal best at last! At only 92cm the beast pushed the scales to 9,04kg! Slug-Go yet again.

In the morning of our last day fishing we felt it was on. Patric was next to fish and we found a monster for him! It hit the bait in mid water and the fight was on. When a fish this size bites you need gear that can stop them. BFT Microwave Vertical rod has the backbone to set the hooks and bring the fish to the net. This stunning fish measured 94cm and while looking at its girth we knew this was the biggest zander yet. Scales stopped at 9,53kg which meant it was another personal best for Patric! 

A couple of hours later I found another fatfatty in mid water. This fish decided to strike and gave a hard fight. 8,7kg pre spawned zander at 92cm. It took line of my Pelagio reel even though I maxed the drag!

//Albin Sharghi, CWC Fishing Team

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